Weekly Roundup for May 11, 2012

Guest post by Rebecca Forbes, Grants & Contracts Assistant, TASC

>   The National Assessment Governing Board found that most 8th graders, while making some improvements, still fall short of proficiency on the NAEP’s test of science mastery. Students who participated in hands-on activities, however, scored higher than their peers who didn’t.

>   Joe Klein reported on the evolution of vocational education in America, highlighting a state-of-the-art veterinary training facility on an Arizona Navajo reservation, in Time.

>   At Minneapolis schools, expanded instructional time has led to reduced time for an essential daily activity: lunch. After finding their lunch break only gave them about 11 minutes, two sixth graders took their concerns to the local paper, highlighting the disconnect between healthy-eating messaging and their daily reality.

>   On PBS’s Newshour, bass player and all-around cool person Meshell Ndegeocello gave props to arts education for keeping her in school until graduation.

>   The Huffington Post highlighted two NBA stars this week: Shaquille O’Neal—now Dr. O’Neal, having just received his PhD in education, and how his story speaks to changing the college drop-out epidemic—and former shooting guard Trent Tucker, who spoke of the vital importance of education for the future of at-risk kids.

>   And GOOD profiled two fascinating developments in 21st century education: teacher-curated playlists to encourage a more in-depth knowledge base and wholly experiential learning at one alternative school in San Francisco.

>   Andrew Miller offered a manifesto the power of project-based learning and those who teach it, in Edutopia.

>   Nick Ehrmann, CEO and founder of Blue Engine, discussed the distinction between college eligibility and readiness, among other topics, in Sara Mead’s Policy Notebook.

>   The Trust for Public Land is building eco-playgrounds at several Queens and Brooklyn schools, providing their students with hands-on experience in landscape architecture and water conservation as they help in designing the effort.

Featured Friday Funding Opportunity:

LEGO Children’s Fund
The LEGO Children’s Fund will provide project-based grants for collaborative programs, either in part or in total, to organizations that focus on early childhood education and development; technology and communication projects that advance learning opportunities; or sport or athletic programs that concentrate on underserved youth.

Deadline: July 15

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