Truth in Parenting

Susan BrennaIn his new Education Week column today, Pedro Noguera writes that “of all the roles I have occupied in education over the years, being a parent has by far been the most challenging and humbling. Despite how much I know about education, I have had no way of guaranteeing that my children would be successful, that they would be motivated and intellectually curious, and that they would receive an education that would leave them better prepared for life.”

That’s a remarkable statement, considering that his other roles include teacher, school board member, professor and researcher, head of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at NYU’s Steinhardt School, prolific writer on education policy  and TASC Director.

Mr. Noguera today replaces Diane Ravitch as the blogging partner to Deborah Meier on one of Education Week’s most popular features, “Bridging Differences.” In an introductory post he writes, “Having written off the possibility and desire to pursue a career in politics, I have been free to piss off the powerful, even though my aspirations have generally been far more ambitious than that.”

Looking forward to what comes next.