Our Bloggers

Susan BrennaSusan Brenna
Susan is TASC’s Chief Communications Officer. A former journalist and education reporter for outfits including New York magazine and New York Newsday, she manages TASC publications, talks to journalists and bloggers, deals with the whole messaging business that former journalists treat somewhat suspiciously, and argues for why kids need both more learning time AND inspiring opportunities. Trenton Makes, the World Takes.

Chris CarusoChristopher Caruso
Christopher Caruso, TASC’s Senior Vice President, ExpandED Schools, has been expanding learning since 1998, when he was the site director at one of TASC’s 25 original after-school programs—PS 8/Children’s Aid Society. He is a former Assistant Commissioner at the Department of Youth and Community Development and the former Executive Director of generationOn. Let’s go Friars!

Charissa FernandezCharissa Fernandez
Charissa is TASC’s Chief Operating Officer, so she basically has her hands in everything. And with more than a decade at TASC under her belt, she’s also our resident historian. She’s passionate about educational equity, budgets, the Bronx, grammar, document formatting, and board games. She has three young sons so she doesn’t have any spare time, but she tries to sneak in a few rounds of Boggle on her iPad on the train ride home.

Lucy FriedmanLucy Friedman
Lucy is TASC’s founding president. Before that she was the founder and executive director of Safe Horizon (formerly known as Victim Services), a crime victim assistance and advocacy organization.  Before raising four grown children and becoming grandparents with her husband William, they were Peace Corps volunteers in the Dominican Republic. Lucy reads constantly.

Jess TonnJess Tonn
Jess is TASC’s Web Communications Manager. She manages TASC’s website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube), video production, email communications, and this blog. In her past professional lives, she could be found writing for Education Week, tending the grounds at the Tufts University European Center or keeping the plants alive in various parks and community gardens throughout the five boroughs.

Saskia TraillSaskia Traill
Saskia is TASC’s Vice President for Policy and Research. She leads our policy development and advocacy work, oversees independent evaluation of TASC initiatives and works with our team of TASC researchers investigating the most urgent questions in the field of expanded learning opportunities. She came to TASC and New York from the Insight Center for Community Economic Development in Oakland.

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