If It’s Noon, Is This STEM?

Susan BrennaWhen you’re trying to find words to describe a complicated mechanism—like the way Boston After School and Beyond helps 40 public schools and 17 community organizations create thematically diverse days of summer learning on land and sea—sometimes it’s easier to draw a picture.

How to Schedule Expanded Learning: Three Cities, Three WaysSo that’s what we did. We created a set of infographics to illustrate how schools and their community partners are re-mixing schedules to encompass all kinds of learning in Palm Beach County, Baltimore and Boston. You’ll see, for example, what students experience every hour of the day at Pine Jog Elementary School, supported by Prime Time Palm Beach County.

So—are you getting the picture? Please tell us what you think. You can find this new tool in the ever-growing Toolkit for Expanded Learning published by the Expanded Learning and Afterschool Project.