Teachers Head Back to School

Susan BrennaIt’s back-to-school day for public school teachers in New York City. We’ll be posting back-to-school memories from staff and friends all week. Today we hear from former teachers.

Martine King, our Director of Education, taught English and Social Studies to a group of 6th graders one year. Then she taught math and science to the same group of students in 7th grade the following year. “It was really cool to come in the first day of school and see how much the students I taught the year before had changed in two months,” Martine said. “Some of them were suddenly taller than I was.”

Kate Craig, our literacy manager, told us that when she taught 9th and 10th grade English at an Urban Assembly school, “Every year, on the first day of school, I would take photos of each of my students’ faces and give each of them a quick questionnaire to fill out. The next day when they came in, next to my desk would be a wall with all their photos, names, and interests on it. They loved it; they felt unique and also got to see how they had changed at the end of the year. Little did they know it was also my sneaky way of learning all their names.

“Over time I created a “Wall of Fame” with the funniest/cutest/most unique photos from the beginning of each year.  Even kids from other grades would ask to add their own photos. It was a nice way to start each year.”

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