How Do You Reinvent the School Day?

Lucy FriedmanOur parents and grandparents could live good lives without even finishing high school, but those days are gone. We cheat our kids if we pretend we can still educate them in the same way, on the same schedule, that we did a century ago.

In our 2011 Annual Report, I invite you to experience what’s different about ExpandED Schools by TASC, including a broader curriculum, more teaching talent, a schedule that meets the needs of kids and their parents and—most importantly—promising results in higher achievement. This may not look like school as you remember it. But one thing has not changed since our school days—without the arts, science and other endangered disciplines, a school is not whole. We can integrate the resources in our community to educate the whole child.

Please download the report and see if you agree. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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About Lucy Friedman

Lucy is TASC’s founding president. Before that she was the founder and executive director of Safe Horizon (formerly known as Victim Services), a crime victim assistance and advocacy organization. Before raising four grown children and becoming grandparents with her husband William, they were Peace Corps volunteers in the Dominican Republic. Lucy reads constantly.