Weekly Roundup for May 4, 2012

Jess Tonn>   NYCDOE released its first social media policy for educators this week, encouraging teachers to use social media in the classroom, but warning them to keep separate professional and personal accounts. Department officials will review the policy every three months.

>   A few tidbits for NYC educators about to take the digital learning plunge: Brookings Institution has lots to say about how blogs, social media and video games can improve education and Emily Esch has three reasons kids need digital literacy and citizenship education.

>   To counteract the “snarky back-and-forth” of the 2012 presidential campaign, GOOD recently launched a “Campaign for Big Ideas.” Here’s Dana Goldstein’s contribution: Universal Pre-K to teach children and create jobs.

>   Dana, add this to your platform: A new study from the Public Policy Institute of California shows that preschool helps improve early-reading skills for English-language learners.

>   Who are the young men and women that will “shape education for the next generation”? Check out Sara Mead’s list of education leaders under age 35.

>   Here’s a sharp take from the National Partnerships for After School Science on how to best use after-school to point kids toward STEM careers.

>   In Edutopia, one teacher went straight to the source to find out what engages students. Survey says: Kids want more hands-on learning, group work, technology in the classroom and choice in projects.

>   In their most recent policy brief, the Harvard Family Research Project explored how expanded learning can engage parents in meaningful ways.

>   And for more ELT policy recommendations, take a look at NYSAN’s new policy brief on global learning in expanded learning time.

Featured Friday Funding Opportunity:

Here’s an interesting idea: A website that connects students with high-quality learning opportunities outside of school and then collects micro-donations to help them get there. For example, hear Alix talk about why she wants to travel to the Baja Peninsula to learn about marine biology.

And now for something completely different:

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