City Council Leads

From now to June 30 is a race to the end of the New York City budget season.  As you know New York City potentially faces devastating cuts to its after-school system beginning July 1.

Campaign for ChildrenLeaders of the New York City Council chose to take a stand this week and support these learning opportunities, asserting that after-school programs are among the Council’s top priorities. Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Finance Chair Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. stated that the New York City Preliminary Budget “contains substantial and unacceptable cuts to services for the families and communities that need them the most. As it currently stands, these cuts fall particularly hard on our children through cuts to childcare, further reductions in the number of teachers in our classrooms due to attrition, and a nearly 50 percent cut to after-school programs. These cuts will lead to lower graduation rates, a higher incidence of youth violence, and diminished prospects in the future.”

I commend Council members for their leadership in backing essential opportunities for kids to keep safe and learning after 3 PM. But until budget season ends, nothing is certain. That’s why, together with the Campaign for Children, we’ll keep the focus on young people and their families.