Summary of Twitter #timechat

Jess TonnCBASS hosted a lively discussion on expanded learning with Elena Silva, Senior Policy Analyst at Education Sector and co-author of the report Reimagining the School Day: More Time for Learning, yesterday afternoon. We joined the discussion and posted a transcript here.

Some of the points Elena made during the chat:

  • An extra 30 minutes of remediation a day is not better learning. It is adding instructional time, which can be good or bad.
  • Partnerships and principals are key to expanding learning time. Good partnerships need clear shared goals and expectations, individual objectives, shared data about kids’ well-being, and strong leaders.
  • We need a broader set of outcomes for students if we incorporate a youth development framework into expanded learning.
  • Funding streams for expanded learning time are varied and complicated. But schools and organizations can braid funding sources (private and public) to support their work.
  • Expanded learning time has never been systematically tracked or studied. We don’t really know cost or long-term effect.
  • Expanded learning time for tweens is “a study waiting to happen.”
  • Time is a resource, a tool that can be used well if you have the right foundation. First, you need leaders with vision, educators who are great for and with kids (in and out of school), and a strong curriculum. Time can’t be the vision, or the goal, not even an objective. It’s a way to improve what’s good, if it’s used well.

Participants also shared the following resources with the group:

  • A new report that looks at the secrets behind successful charter schools, which include more time for learning. (via @expanding_time)
  • Our report on how schools and community partners can draw on diverse funding streams to support expanded learning time.

We found that the hour went by way too quickly, so please help us keep the discussion going by continuing to use the #timechat hashtag. Thanks @CBASS_National, @EducationSector, and @WallaceFdn for getting it started.