ExpandED Schools Go National

Charissa FernandezToday we are re-introducing TASC and our community and school partners through the national launch of ExpandED Schools, the approach to expanded learning time we’ve been piloting in New York City public schools since 2008. Thanks to major new funding from Open Society Foundations and The Wallace Foundation, we’re now working in three schools in New Orleans, three in Baltimore and five in New York City to give students more time and a wider range of opportunities to learn. As we branch out to other cities, we’ll evaluate the results and share what we’ve learned with schools and communities that are struggling to deliver on the promise of high-quality education for all kids.

You can read the press release to get all the details on this $11.5 million investment and hear what Education Secretary Arne Duncan thinks of ExpandED Schools:

I’ll also share with you an excerpt from an essay that an ExpandED School principal, Khaleel Desaque, and his community partner Carol Reckling published in today’s Baltimore Sun:

“We were eager to see what would happen when, on short notice—over Thanksgiving, no less—we invited students who were struggling in math to come to Saturday School here at Hilton Elementary School in West Baltimore. That first Saturday, more than half the first 43 invited families showed up with their kids, ready to learn.

“We were encouraged by the turnout but not surprised. Hilton Elementary already has a longer school day than most, thanks to a partnership with the Child First Authority that helps us expand learning to 5:30 p.m. for many students. Parents not only want the longer school day, they’re part of the team here that plans for how to use those extra hours.

“We believe that not just Baltimore but cities across the nation could get better student outcomes and see higher achievement from the investments they make in education and youth development if we pooled our resources into longer, more-balanced school days. We’re talking about the kind of school days that offer not just more time for academic rigor and reinforcement but also a wide range of opportunities in music, art, sports and inquiry-driven projects that inspire a lifelong love of learning.

“It takes multiple partners to expand the school day and give kids an education that prepares them to innovate, create and think for a living. We’re making it work at our school with help from Baltimore City Public Schools, the city’s Out of School Time initiative, the Family League of Baltimore City and ExpandED Schools, a national effort supported by TASC (The After-School Corporation), the Wallace Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.”

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