New Directions for Youth Development

The next issue of the journal New Directions for Youth Development focuses on expanded learning time and is a great addition to the ELT canon.

TASC contributed a chapter and I was on a webinar hosted by the editor-in-chief, Gil Noam, and the issue editor, Helen Janc Malone, to discuss aspects of the journal.

Helen did a wonderful job laying out what she called the “controversies” surrounding the debate in expanded learning: how funds should be allocated; how policies are interpreted and implemented; how we can ensure ELT re-imagines learning and doesn’t offer “more of the same”; whether ELT should be mandatory; and how we cope with accountability across the learning day. These questions all resonated for me because we’ve grappled with each of them as we shaped the core elements of ExpandED Schools.

Bob Stonehill from AIR gave a wonderful historical context to ELT and described the current policy landscape, particularly at the federal level. Marty Blank from the Coalition for Community Schools explained how ELT is a critical component of the community-schools framework. At the end, I gave a quick overview of how ELT has evolved within TASC and outlined our ExpandED Schools approach.

The webinar is worth a listen; it will be online soon. We’ll post the link as soon as it’s up.