Weekly Roundup for October 28, 2011

Jess Tonn>      If you weren’t at the National Center on Time and Learning’s expanded learning time convening in Boston this week, you can get up to speed on what happened via their Time Matters blog. Thanks to Randi Weingarten for reminding us that “teacher voice and buy-in” are necessary ingredients for ELT success.

>      I was pleased to see that this Education Week story on ELT was one of the top-viewed stories on their website this week, sparking lively comments from readers. Why don’t you add yours to the mix?

>      Random ed reformer of the week: Fashion designer and media mogul Mark Ecko challenges education’s “dependency on seat time” and says education innovators have to be like civil rights leaders in U.S. News and World Reports.

>      “Flipped” classrooms are everywhere this month—start with these articles from Education Week, USA Today, and Education Next. Is this what my 6-month old’s classrooms will look like by the time she reaches elementary school?

>      On that note, what will my involvement in my child’s 21st-century school look like? Hint: Probably NOT Your Mother’s PTA. And here’s an interesting idea out of Idaho: Pay teachers based on how well they engage with parents.

>      I was planning to write a blog post this week about the latest entrepreneurs I’ve seen in my neighborhood: trucks stationed outside high schools that charge kids to “park” their cell phones during the school day. But Beth Fertig beat me to it.

>      Sadly, cell phone trucks aren’t the only ones marketing to teens—but at least one nonprofit group is teaching kids about how food companies target them.

>      If you love This American Life as much as I do, then you’ll be delighted to learn that not only did Ira Glass hone his journalism skills as an education reporter in Chicago, but that “this week, at the suggestion of a 14-year-old listener, [TAL] brings you stories from the awkward, confusing, hormonally charged world of middle school.” Oh, the memories!

>      Another journalist I admire: Did you know that John Merrow is working on a documentary about education in New Orleans, which he calls “the most important story I have covered in 35 years“? Check out the trailer:

>      Lastly, but definitely not least-ly: Here’s some fun advice from America’s top young women scientists as you begin your Halloween weekend: “Start breaking stuff.”

Featured Friday Funding Opportunity:

Annual Soccer Program and Field Grants
U.S. Soccer Foundation grants support soccer programs that aim to keep children in underserved communities active, healthy and safe. Priority is given to support projects and programs that focus on soccer as a youth development tool in economically disadvantaged urban areas.

Deadline: November 18

And now for something completely different:

I am public transportation’s #1 fan, which is why I was so happy to discover that HopStop.com now offers a “wheelchair accessible/stroller friendly routes” option when looking up directions on their website. Hooray for no longer getting stuck in this situation.

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