Lessons From Bard High School Early College

Bard High School Early College

Bard High School Early College, Photo by Beyond My Ken, on Wikipedia

Lucy Friedman

I was proud to be invited to the 10th anniversary celebration for Bard High School Early College this week with my son, who attended the school in its first two years.

The remarks by the school’s founder, Leon Botstein, President of Bard College and a TASC Director, made me realize how much of its success is built on the school culture. My son could tell you that the school’s leaders are committed to creating an environment where students feel valued and respected, where their voices are heard. Most of the school’s faculty have PhDs and a deep interest in the subject matter they teach. I remember noticing this when I visited the school during my son’s time there–his teachers’ enthusiasm was palpable and contagious.

At the event, Ford Foundation’s Fred Frelow reminded us that “schools should be organized for developing social capital.” Bard High School Early College is a shining example of what that organization could look like.

I look forward to celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2021.